What to Know About Social Security Debit Card

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Paper checks and direct deposits are not always the most convenient way to get your social security or supplementary security income benefits. Your bank account is required for a paper check and your bank account is required for direct deposit. Social Security Direct Express Card – Social Security Debit Card – is an alternative way to get your monthly benefits.

Social Security Direct Express Card is a prepaid debit card that allows you to use your social security benefits and uses. The card is issued by the comerica bank, which is located in Dallas, Texas. You do not need a bank account to get a card or use your money, if the customer is not a customer, it makes a good choice. Czech caching direct charge cards ended up being charged by expensive check caching fees venues. You can accept a MasterCard debit card and use the card.

Who is eligible for Social Security Debit Card?

If you get Social Security or Supplemental Security Income Benefits, you are eligible for the card. Because it is a prepaid debit card, you can use your direct express social security debit card only to get money in your account. When you do not manage to pay your entire account balance or pay off, you should reuse your card to wait for your next monthly payment. You can not deposit a personal amount on the card.

How does it work?

Federal benefits are paid on your card directly on your monthly payment date. You will not have to wait for the check to arrive in the mail. If you have a bank account, you can transfer funds to another bank account, but you will have to pay a $ 1.50 fee for each transaction in the US bank account. If you already have a bank account with a debit card, there may be a good alternative for direct recruitment deposit.

Your card comes with a PIN, a personal identification number, which you use to authorize withdrawal into practice. You can sign up for your transactions rather than be processed as “debit” of “credit”, which means that you will buy because you will with a credit card. When you choose a credit option, funds from your balance are also deducted.

Purchases, withdrawals and transaction fees are deducted from your balance. Once you spend all the money on the card, your next month’s benefits will not be paid until you can use it.

To get cash, you can get money from your customer service desk using your ATM or Walmart Money Center or cash. Each $ 0.85 fee for ATM withdrawals – You can take a charged ATM operator to use an ATM out of the Direct Express network. And a fee of $ 1.50 to get cash at Walmart’s counter

Direct Express Card also has the option of Bill Pane. You can set up automatic bill payments for your monthly bill like your utilities, phone and cable television. You will have the ability to determine the time and amount of your bill payment. Alternatively, you can pay your bills to buy money orders in the U.S. You can visit the post office. To cover the cost of a money order, you pay only fee fees.

You can maintain your balance by using an ATM with your card or MasterCard logo, the customer service number on the Czech back, by calling an indirect USDirectExpress.com online through the iPhone or Android device. If you choose a physical record monthly paper statement from your account details, you will be charged $ 0.75 fee.

Limitations on Social Security debit cards

When you can use Direct Express Social Security Debit Card for most of your purchases, there are some limitations. You can use your card for an online card, unless the retailer accepts mastercard debit as a payment method. To use your card for the purchase of gas, you must pay a clutch within the gas station; You can not pay on the pump. If you use a direct express card to rent a vehicle, the car rental agency will take over your funds to $ 500. When you return a car from a rental, the hold of authenticity will be issued.

In addition, the car rental agency can run a soft credit check and request additional documents as you are using a prepaid card.

How Your Credit Affects

When it looks like a credit card and swipes it, there is no direct express card credit card. No credit check is needed to get the card or deposit your profits every month in the card. When you make a purchase, you do not borrow money and there is no balance to pay each month. Your card is not a big credit bureau, which means that it will not affect your credit report and your credit in any way is not included. However, you can use the card to pay for other monthly bills that can affect your credit.

Stop loss and fraud activity

This is important for the safety of your social security debit card, such as any other credit or debit card or your cash. Keep your PIN and online account password secure. If your direct express card is lost or stolen, you should immediately report your missing card to reduce the loss of money. Direct Express can change your card so that you can continue to access your account. The first replacement card is free in the first calendar year. Thereafter there is a $ 4 fee for the transfer of the missing social security debit card.

There may be extra charge to accelerate your card.

Fortunately, when it comes to lost or stolen cards, if your Social Security debit card is only protected by the protection of traditional bank debit card. Reporting missing cards within two days limits your liability to $ 50. If you wait until after two days of 90 days (the limit is 60 days for the traditional debit card), but if you wait for two days, you may be liable for $ 500 to make a loss. After that, you can be responsible for all the damages in your account. You are interested to report the missing card as soon as possible.

Check your account balance frequently to verify purchase. If you see fraudulent activity in your account, then report it immediately to fix fraud. If your card number is compromised, you may need to get a replacement card.

How to sign up for Social Security Debit Card

To sign up for your local social security office card, go 1-800-333-1795 or by calling USDirectExpress.com directly to the Express Hotline. Representatives of the payer can sign up using this process. Once you have signed up, your social security benefits will be paid directly in your direct express card account.

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