What is direct Mutual Fund, how to invest?

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In today’s post you will know What is the DIRECT MUTUAL FUND and how can it invest in it, what are the benefits of investing in Direct Mutual Fund, and what kind of caution is required when investing in DIRECT MUTUAL FUND?


Direct Mutual Funds mean straightforward, there is no agent in the middle of this kind of mutual fund,

Generally, all mutual schemes can be invested in two ways – DIRECT (not an agent in the middle) or REGULAR (middle agent, who commissioned some fees with the amount of investment)

Now, as you know, MUTUAL FUND is an investment scheme in which different people invest, and according to the pre-determined objectives of the scheme, all the deposits in this scheme are available in the manager’s stock market and other bonds and Invest in securities,

So now when different people want to invest in a mutual fund, then they have two roads, or they should be directly to the parent company of the mutual fund scheme, and go there and invest directly in DIRECT MUTUAL FUND,

For example – if you want to invest in UTI NIFTY INDEX FUND (MUTUAL FUND SCHEME), then you have the first option that you directly invest directly by visiting the UTI Mutual Fund office or on their website, and choose DIRECT option,

And, in addition to this, the other way is that – you do not go directly to the Mutual Fund Company and go to a Financial Advisor, or go to a Financial Investment Company, and to invest in you for different mutual fund schemes. , Often in such a case, your mutual fund investment is invested in a regular scheme, and your financial advisor / investor There is a commission in the middle of the company,

Even if you invest through a bank, the bank acts as an agent herself and if you want to invest in any mutual fund company of any other company through a bank,

Like – If you go to SBI Bank and say that you have to invest in a mutual fund, then SBI Bank employees tell you about a number of different schemes which usually give the option of investing in a regular mutual fund scheme, Unless you insist on investing in the direct scheme itself,Now the question is, what are the benefits of investing in direct mutual funds?

Direct mutual fund Advantages of investing in

The biggest benefit of investing in direct mutual funds is that you can take the direct benefit of the money you have in the form of a commission with your investment agent.Generally, the fees for DIRECT MUTUAL FUND and REGULAR MUTUAL FUND can vary from 1% to 2%,And in the long run, the difference from 1% to 2% can be in lakhs,By looking at this difference in this video, you can understand how big an investment can be from 1%.

Direct mutual fund Need of caution when investing in

Let’s talk about what kind of caution is needed when investing in direct mutual funds, because now the benefits of investing in direct mutual funds are the benefits and then all should invest in the Direct Mutual Fund Scheme. 

  1. Be fully aware of which fund you want to invest in,
  2. When you know how to manage your portfolio,
  3. When you fully understand the risks of investing in mutual funds,
  4. When you know how to make some changes in that mutual fund scheme, and
  5. How and how to get better returns from mutual fund schemes,

On the other hand if you can not do all this, it is better for you to go to a good SEBI Registered Mutual Fund Advisor and invest in any regular mutual fund, because if you invest in regular mutual funds, Get benefits .

  1. You are told that you should invest in a mutual fund,
  2. Your agent gives you the information you need about your portfolio,
  3. You can consult with your agent for advice on investing,
  4. The agent helps you with some changes in the mutual fund scheme or any other kind of need,

So far it has become clear that what is the DIRECT MUTUAL FUND, what are the benefits of this, and what should you be careful when investing in it.

How to invest in Direct Mutual Funds

Please note that as I said first to invest in DIRECT MUTUAL FUND, you have to either go to the nearest office or branch of the Mutual fund company and choose the option of direct (DIRECT) while filling the mutual fund form.Or if you can start investing on a website of a mutual fund company or through a mobile application of a Mutual fund company,For more information, you have to invest in a mutual fund scheme, talk to the customer care of that company once, or go to their website to find out about it ….Apart from this, there are many other options nowadays that give you the option to invest in DIRECT MUTUAL FUND immediately and easily.

 So in Friends this article we have told everything about Mutual Fund Direct Invest. If you have any questions about friends then take this type of information and write them in the comments box.

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