What is a Bank identification number – BIN

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A bank positive identification (BIN) is that the initial four to 6 numbers that seem on a mastercard. The bank positive identification unambiguously identifies the establishment issue the cardboard. The BIN is vital within the method of matching transactions to the establishment of the charge plate. This list system conjointly applies to charge cards, gift cards, debit cards, paid cards and electronic profit cards.

BREAKING DOWN Bank positive identification – BIN

Bank identification numbers square measure utilized by alternative establishments, like yankee categorical, as well. The term “issuer identification number” (IIN) is employed interchangeably with BIN. The list system helps determine fraud or potential security breaches by comparison information, like the address of the establishment issue the cardboard and also the address of the cardholder.

How It Works

The bank positive identification could be a list system developed by the yankee National Standards Institute and also the coalition for Standardization (ISO) to spot establishments that issue bank cards. the primary digit of the BIN specifies the main business symbol (MII), like airline, banking or travel, and also the next 5 digits specify the issue establishment or bank. for instance, the MII for a Visa mastercard starts with a four. The BIN helps merchants judge and assess their payment card transactions.

The BIN quickly helps a bourgeois determine that bank the cash is being transferred from, the address and signaling of the bank, if the issue bank is within the same country because the device accustomed build the group action, and verifies the address info provided by the client. the amount permits merchants to simply accept multiple styles of payment and permits quicker process of transactions.

When a client makes an internet purchase, the client enters her card details on the payment page. once submitting the primary four to 6 digits of the cardboard, the web distributer will discover that establishment issued the customer’s card, the cardboard complete (such as Visa or MasterCard), the cardboard level (such as company or platinum), the cardboard kind (such as a open-end credit or a credit card), and also the issue bank country.


The BIN identifies that establishment receives the authorization request for the group action to verify if the cardboard or account is valid and whether or not the acquisition quantity is out there on the cardboard. This method ends up in the charge being either approved or denied.

For example, a client stands at a gasoline pump and swipes her credit card. Once she swipes the cardboard, the system scans the BIN to discover the precise issue establishment that withdraws the funds. associate degree authorization request is placed on the customer’s account. The request is allowed inside a number of seconds, and also the group action is approved. The mastercard process system would be unable to work out the origin of the customer’s funds and would be unable to finish the group action while not a BIN.

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