What Are The Inflation Influences On The Economy?

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What are the effects of inflation? This common question is often asked by new investors to start their journey towards financial independence. Before putting a deeper dip into the effects of inflation, it is best to begin with understanding stark words of inflation. Especially for those of the economics world, the issue of understanding inflation (and how it affects your daily life) can be misleading.

When used correctly, the word currency refers to depreciation in the purchasing power of money – often when you try to buy things, there is the presence of rising prices. In other words, inflation refers to a condition in which you find that it takes more units of currency – if you are in the United States, then it will be the US dollar – buying goods and services compared to buying it The same goods and services you had taken yesterday or last year.

Inflation begins with losing currency value

To understand the effects of inflation, consider the following example of purchasing power of $ 100 in 1971 compared to today.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Consumer Price Index Bureau, prices are 518.5 percent higher than the prices of 1971 in 2018.
In other words, $ 100 in 1971 is equal to $ 618.50 of purchasing power today.
The obvious consequence of inflation is that it makes it more difficult for people to afford basic requirements (such as batteries and light bulbs). This causes families to struggle because they try to keep the price of everything from cornflakes to college tuition.

What is high Rnflation Rate?

Historically, for domestic investors, the high inflation rate is considered to be anything between 3% and 4% of the annual limit, in which the figure from 3% to 4% is considered benign. This rate, which will be a god for most people in the world, is due to many things. Some of these things have to be done in the US economy with some monetary and structural benefits which can not stay indefinitely.

He said, for the last decade, due to unprecedented intervention in monetary system by the Federal Reserve (and lawmakers), the country has historically experienced a low-interest rate environment under efforts to prevent the collapse of the global economic system. . In 2007, 2008 and 2009 the system was in danger when the real estate bubble had exploded – with the stock market, it pulled down all kinds of asset classes.

If history is a guide, it is useful to focus on inflation because it is obliged to retract its head again in the future. What are the specific effects of inflation? Why should you be worried about its audience affecting the economy? Because inflation influences everything.

Transfers money from inflation

Moving ahead with the basic effects of inflation, you realize that there are two other major influences of inflation.

Influence of inflation on savers and investors is that they lose their purchasing power. Whether you can bury your money in a coffee backyard or sitting in the safest bank of the world, it is becoming less valuable with the passage of time. It can generate an incentive to spend money or under false conditions, it is a reprehensible to invest money in those things which would otherwise be good for civilization in the long run.

Influence of inflation on debtors is positive because debtors can pay their debt by money which is less valuable. For example, if you owe at 5 percent interest of $ 100,000, but inflation is suddenly reduced to 20 percent per year, then you are effectively seeing that you lose up to 15 percent of your debt every year. If inflation continued, you would be able to get a minimum wage of $ 100 per hour and reduce your debt.
Bad news down

The net effect of inflation is that it works to save money from savers and investors to borrowers. It punishes those who postpone their enjoyment and invest in the construction of roads, schools, factories, and businesses – and give their reward to people who are in debt. Some people argue that this is an ethical injustice, which is due to the printing of money to cover expenses by most governments, which can not be paid out of the revenue of the general treasury.

More about inflation and inflation rate

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