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law collegesHello friends how are you welcome, our friend on this website is our topic today Top law colleges in India. Everyone wants to move forward by studying friends. But choosing the right college for him is very important, so today we will tell you about the best law college in India, then friends, let’s start reading this article.

For those who are thinking of making a career in the field of law or are dreaming of becoming high-profile judges and lawyers, then it is necessary to get a law degree from the right college.

Let us tell you that there are many law colleges in our country, where not only good education can be obtained by studying, but a better career can also be made. On the other hand, if you also want to study law, then it is very important to know about the good law college of the country.

For this, we are going to tell you about the top law colleges in India in this article, which not only contributed excellently to the country’s legal studies department, but they also have excellent results.

Top law colleges in India

Along with this, the students who have studied from these colleges are also working in high positions in the Supreme Court of India, High Court. Let us tell you that these colleges have been included in the top law schools in India on the basis of quality of students, research output, industry interface and educational productivity.

These law colleges offer graduate, post graduate and doctoral (PhD) level courses. So let’s know about the top government and private law colleges in the country  .

01 : National Law School of India University Bangalore

NLSIU offers law courses for candidates at Bangalore, Graduate, Post Graduate and Doctorate (PhD) levels. Apart from this, candidates can also study law programs in distance mode from NLSIU. The specialty of this best law college is that it runs programs with the help of foreign universities.

  • BA LLB (Hons) B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)
  • LLM in Business Law
  • Post Graduate Diploma in International Property Rights Law
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Law and Ethics
  • Master in Business Law

02 : Nalsar University of Law Hyderabad

NALSAR provides law courses for candidates at Hyderabad Graduate, Post Graduate and Doctorate (PhD) levels. The specialty of this university is that the final year students of law course are exempted from this university that they can design their course work themselves.
Courses – Law Course in India

  • BA LLB Honors
  • Post Graduation Diploma in Cyber ​​Law
  • PG Diploma in Patent Law
  • LLM in Corporate and Commercial Law
  • Post Graduation Diploma in GIS and Remote Sensing Law
  • LLM in Intellectual Property Rights
  • Post Graduate Diploma in International Humanitarian Laws
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Media Laws
  • Ph.D. in Law
  • LLM in International Trade and Business Law
  • LLM in Public Law and Legal Theory 
  • LLM in Legal Consumer Law and Practice 
  • LLM in Legal Pedagogy

03 : National Law Institute University,  Bhopal

NPLU is a law school and research center located in Bhopal. It was founded in 1997, let us tell you that this college is one of the first three law schools established under the National Law School system.

The University enrolls 100 undergraduate students each year through the Common Law Admission Test, completing 15 quarters before earning a combined BA, LLB (Hons) degree. Postgraduate course LLM degree is also offered by this university.

  • 5 year BLL B (honors) program
  • MS in Cyber Law and Indian Information Security
  • The L.L.M. in Human Rights.
  • L.L.M. In criminal law
  • LL.M. in Constitutional and Administrative Law
  • LL.M. in Intellectual Property and Business Law
  • LLM in Business Law
  • PhD in Intellectual Property Rights
  • PhD in Law

04 : WB National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata

Established in 1999, the University is a tonnomos university, filtered out of the Kit Council Youn University. She is a graduate and postgraduate courses and graduate. Admission is given under this University Cleaning Entrance Exam.

This is in response to the College’s 100 feed placement. There are also good jobs and furs in the reading classes at this university. Learn to Course Day at University.

  • The B.A.L.L.B.
  • BSc LL.B.
  • L.L.M.
  • like this. Phil
  • Ph.D.

05 : Symbiosis Law School Pune

Symbiosis Law School is known for its best practice in law. The college was established in Pune in 1977. It is one of the best law colleges in the country, let you know that admission to this college is done on the basis of the SET exam.

The college lease offers a BA LLB (honors) course of 3 years. In addition, a 5 year integrated law course is also offered. Its specialty is that it offers six different courses in LLM courses. The following are some courses offered by this college.

  • BA LL.B.
  • BBA LL.B.
  • LL.B.
  • Diploma Programs in Law
  • Post Graduate Diploma Program in Law
  • Certificate Programs in Law

06 : National Law University, Jodhpur

Established in 1999, it is a government-run university. B.Sc. Elby on Nurse is a 5 year full time course by the University and Learn About, which is then sponsored by the Council of India for India and the University Grant Less.

Along with this the University has also made graduate degree courses and post graduate and MBA courses available in separate streams. Please tell us on basis of clit ashwad admission to this university. This is a very good recording of the Law University in terms of placement.

  • BBA LLB  
  • BA LLB  
  • LLM in Corporate Lodge
  • LLM in Intellectual Property Rights
  • LLM in International Trade Law
  • LLM in Banking and Finance
  • LLM in Cyber Law and Cyber Security
  • MS Insurance
  • MBA Insurance
  • PhD in Law
  • DLitt,
  • LL.D.
  • DSC

07 : ILS Law College Pune

ILS Law College is a private law school located in Pune. It was founded in the year 1924. This Law College offers three year degree and 5 year degree courses.

The biggest feature of this Law College is that it submits more than 95 Indian and foreign law journals every year. Below are the names of some of the courses offered by this college –

  • BA LL.B.
  • Diploma in Taxation Lodge
  • Diploma in Lever Lodge and Level Welfare
  • Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence and Forensic Science
  • Diploma in Corporate Lodge
  • LL.M.
  • LL.B.
  • Diploma in Human Rights and Law
  • Diploma in Housing Lodge
  • Diploma in Media, Law and Civil Society
  • Diploma in Competition Lodge
  • Diploma in Corporate International Taxation
  • Certificate in Energy Lodge in India

08 : National Law University, Delhi

Established in 2008, this university is a government-run professional institute, which is ranked second on the list of top-ranked law colleges of 2018.

Let us tell you that it conducts entrance exams through AILET for admission and gives admission to 80 students for undergraduate courses every year. The placement record of this university has also been quite good.

Courses –

  • BA LLB (Hons)
  • BA LL.M.
  • LL.M.
  • LLM (IICA)
  • PG Diploma in Law
  • PhD in Law

09 : Gujarat National Law University Gandhinagar

GNLU was established to make law and legal processes an effective tool for social development, to develop students in the fields of advocacy, legal services, law, parliamentary practice, law reform and more. Admission to this college is through the CLAT exam.

It offers all kinds of programs for graduate and postgraduate. The specialty of this university is that it runs diploma courses for property, internet law and business management.
These laws are listed below in some of the courses offered by the University.

Courses –

  • BA LLB Honors
  • BBA LLB Honors
  • B Com LLB Honors
  • B SC LLB Honors
  • BSW LLB Honors
  • LLM in Corporate and Business Law
  • Diploma in Internet Law and Policy
  • LL.M. in Intellectual Property Lodge
  • LL.M. in Constitutional and Administrative Law
  • LLM in International Comparative Law
  • LL.M. in criminal and security lodge
  • LL.M. in Public Policy Law and Governance
  • PG Diploma courses

10 : Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law

Established in 2006 at this college. The college offers three-year full-time LLB Nurses courses and LLM courses, sponsored by the then Council of the F India. The AA has been given the exam at number 11 and number in the list of the top law colleges in India.

Courses –

  • LBB, (Hons)
  • LL.M. (Full time)

Top 10 law colleges in India

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