Top 10 jobs that are safe from robots

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Do you worry about robots taking their jobs? Is your business safe from automation? Your work may be automated. Oxford University researchers Carl Benedict Freight and Michael A. According to Osborne, in the next 10 to 20 years, a seventh of American jobs are at risk of automation. His 2013 paper, “The Future of Employment: How to Jobs Successfully in Computer?” 702 Businesses Seeking the Potential for Automation Their research has shown that higher education jobs require less risk.

Top 10 Jobs That Are Safe From Robots

According to research by BLS, these jobs are likely to become automated in the next decade or two. To get a quick facts summary, you can search the Business Outlook book by job. Note that each of them contains at least one obstacle described in paperwork – dexterity, creative intelligence, or social intelligence.

1. Recreation Therapist

This professional creates and manages entertainment based programs based on art, sports, music, sports, etc. They usually work in hospitals, retirement communities and parks and recreation departments. Most entertaining practitioners have a bachelor’s degree and many are certified.

Average annual income: $ 47,680
Professional Outlook 2016-2026: 7 percent

2. First line supervisor of mechanics, installer and repairman

In this business people can work in a variety of industries including automobile repair / dealers, local government, power generation, natural gas and construction. These jobs usually require a high school diploma and on-the-job training.

Average annual income: $ 64,780
Professional Outlook 2016-2026: 7 percent

3. Emergency Management Director

This job requires a disaster plan or a bachelor’s degree in relevant field and experience. The Emergency Management Director coordinates between emergencies, agencies, non-profits and executives in emergency situations.

Average annual income: $ 72,760
Professional Outlook 2016-2026: 8 percent

4. Social worker with mental health and substance abuse

Social workers usually require a master’s degree and a license – a lot of education for jobs that can be terrifying and not particularly rewarding. However, this job gives people the opportunity to make a change that is most needed.

Average Annual Income: $ 47,980
Professional Outlook 2016-2026: 16 percent

5. Audiologist

Audiologists diagnose and treat hearing loss and related problems. This high-paying, fast-moving business also requires significant investment in education. Audiologists need a doctoral degree and a license for practice.

Average annual income: $ 75,920
Professional Outlook 2016-2026: 21 percent

6. Occupational Therapist

OT helps patients maintain and maintain the skills they need to live as independently as possible. This fast-growing business requires a master’s degree and a license.

Average annual income: $ 83,200
Professional Outlook 2016-2026: 24 percent

07 :Orthostist and Prostate

To help patients gain mobility, these people make artificial and other medical devices. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that this profession is rapidly expanding because “older children are getting older and need orthotists and prostitutes because diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, two main causes of damage to organ, are more common. “These jobs require a master’s degree and certification.

Average annual income: $ 66,240
Professional Outlook 2016-2026: 22 percent

8. Healthcare Social Worker

Healthcare social workers frequently work in hospitals, do case management, and help patients and families navigate the healthcare system. These jobs usually require master’s degrees and licenses.

Average annual income: $ 47,980
Professional Outlook 2016-2026: 16 percent

9. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons

These dental specialists diagnose and treat facial, jaw and mouth defects. This business requires significant education: generally, four years in dental school and four to six years in residence.

Average annual income: can be more than $ 208,000
Professional Outlook 2016-2026: 19 percent (for dentists)

10. First Line Supervisor of Fire Fighting and Prevention Workforce

The people of this profession manage and direct firefighters and related workers. This job usually requires postsecondary entries and employment training.

Average annual income: $ 76,170
Professional Outlook 2016-2026: 7 percent

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