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I am talking about the time value of money formulas from you. Typically, the two-time value of money formulas that you can use to improve your finances, changing your behavior to maximize your purchasing goals, shows your actual goals and intentions.

One of the main topics that I love Enhara in all my portfolio management and personal finance articles, it is a philosophy that I believe in absolute honesty: money is a tool. There is nothing else. It’s stupid to get anything less for your benefit. Instead, the emphasis should be on an acceptable business-business, in relation to the time, effort and risks that you get, the benefits you get. If you were happy to live a trailer on the coast, and you would not be able to take any new car or take the luxury cost, then I would have reasoned that your life does not have a great deal of meaning. The career that you hate, it works, which you are not emotional about, so that in a future, at some point in the future, you are sitting on the same coastline in a good home, which you have very little utility.

I say that because I believe that time is your most valuable asset. There are obstacles, you do not have 27,375 days that you have been given a gift, and believe that you can work hard enough to wait for a special life. Once the expense is incurred, it is the same. Game Finish. You can save them you can store them for future use. They say, as is said, “like the sand by hour”. This is the nature of the universe. Worse than that, if you have created a very big future and have not yet enjoyed it, then it is the other people that are finished; Maybe even a politician who takes it into government tax.

This is the basis from where I can make financial plans for my friends and family. To remind them of this fundamental truth, to consider how to save money, to quit, to save, because it is their own game; This acquisition is the highest purpose. In my thoughts, it is very nice for people who enjoy watching in a world of youth, healthy, and enthusiastic, compared to the efforts of 40 years of unpaid work, smaller, less tired retirement ends, and never going anywhere But there is hope that when they reduce social security checks, they have enough positions of sun below the gold and stars on the mountains.

As long as you are giving it to you, it is clear in the calculation of opportunity costs, unless the expectation of others is ready to live with the results without expectation, and some points gain more personal fillings and enjoyment than money. In the future, I think there is an error in prioritizing investing in such situations.

Telling it a bit more clearly, I am moving forward to say that, basashat you are making things upright – your free 401 (k) scheme gets completely free of money and a charioteer, complete funding, avoid credit card Loan and your student’s loan repayment – I think it is sometimes wise to say, “I buy another $ 10,000 worth of index fund, I buy it.” Switzer to experience a different culture. “You can. I know people who have done it; Manage from the ordinary pay people who only make their income wiser.

On the other hand, I sometimes believe that it is wise to do the opposite. Instead of buying a new car, you can get independence to help your farmers for upgradation or college later in your home to make driving decisions for your current one-two years and to add distance to your stock or bond portfolio. This sounds contradictory, but the message is that you really need choices based on the actual expense of what you want, which is right now in life. You will shortcode yourself as it will give your long-awaited victory over your long-term happiness.

How do you do it? How do you calculate actual costs? Time Value of Money I should run you through two sources that are always the way to look for money in your drinking or bank account.

Using the future of unit source of money sources by thinking of money as a tool

First of all, we need to use one time value of money sources, which is the future value of the sum total, to calculate how much you have dollars depending on your decision to spend today. I went through this article counting many years ago, but it is worth seeing here again.

FV = PMT (1 + i) n
FV = future price
PMT = Payment
I = the rate of return which you are hoping for
N = number of years

A picture helps you understand its power. Imagine that you are standing in a store and you see a new cashmere sweater which you want in $ 399. (The average investor is the top 50% average income in the United States

If you are reading this article and are coming to its general demographic statistics, such a purchase will not normally be out. If you can not spend so much on a garment item, then use any other item; Kitchen Aid Mixer or a new iPad) You live in a state that there is no sales tax on clothing, so that we can ignore it.

You can either buy sweaters, and enjoy for the next few years, or throwing money into your index fund or blue chip stock portfolio to give someone gifts or gifts to you after 25 years now.

Historically, large market and 10% of 12% return capitalization in small market capitalization stocks, while low-cost, tax efficient, purchasing and holding business is not less than investment-related investments, dividends are reinvested, and taking advantage of the average average of the dollar Costs are maintained in the average. (Clear the data.) The interesting thing is that there is nothing almost rich and enter the founder of the comments did not succeed, so that in Vanguard John Bogal’s book, probably because he is rich in the first place and is successful.

You decide to be more conservative and calculate the compound rate of 8% in the future. Take out your calculator and plug in the related data.

Step 1: FV = $ 399 (1 + .08) 25

Step 2: FV = $ 399 (1.08) 25

Step 3: FV = $ 399 (6.848475)

Step 4: FV = $ 2,733

What about inflation? Certainly inflation is important because you need to save it from the continuous drain. You’re right this happens. If money is a tool, then it is important to understand how nourishing it is. Inflation is depreciation in currency. It represents a loss of value so it needs to include in our numbers.

Adjusting the rate of inflation using the value of one time money formula

The way we get it, it is to take into consideration the future value received from the previous calculations and to return the current inflation rate. Let’s imagine that you think inflation rate will be 3% over the next 25 years. In this case, you use a different time value of money calculation, which is known as the current value of the total amount.

PV = FV / (1 + i) n
PV = Current Price
FV = future value
Pmt = Payment
I = discount rate
N = number of years

In this situation, we plug in your related numbers:

Step 1: $ 2,733 / (1 + .03) 25

Step 2: $ 2,733 / (1.03) 25

Step 3: $ 2,733 / 2.09

Step 4: $ 1,308

This means that the FAQ itself is $ 399 or more, after 25 years, there is an additional $ 1,308 in equitable purchasing power since the price is there more value to you. If you do not want to earn that money for you, just as you are old and more prosperous, then you might be able to help others. For example, for Christmas this year, we share our niece and nephew’s shares with my favorite candy’s big industrial box for Christmas for the company.

We also support this by the Family Cheritable Foundation, what it is for us. Compared to other cars or other travels, those kinds of things hold a lot to us.

After analyzing this trade-of-the-moment, it has become another nature that now I count more about my head because I remember the factors that allow me to reach the final result. My husband and I make him a game We have an account setup which we have decided to decide – we say that we can save your favorite coffee cheap wholesale bags instead of buying a small container in the market, instead of buying $ 8 The phone should be cleaned up.

From time to time, we keep accumulated cash on the job, as we have spent on it; It does not exist For years, small decisions – not a drink order at lunch time, more models in our home to switch on the light bulb for energy efficient – to help us with a significant additional funding accumulation, it has happened to help in the result of the decimal crawl (financially successful in costs). Costs make them happy or provide utility; Their income is increasing.

Due to the change in the last decade and half the changes, we now discover their own grip, with additional shares of oil and gas giants, banks, packaged food companies, industry groups, and other business enterprises who give us regular dividends, based on our own personal values, what is important to us Dividends that have not been decided did not exist.

At this time the values ​​of money resources make us stronger. They know us more easily for us to increase our happiness, really what they really want. Knowledge is power and remembering resources is absolutely free, although you are ready to write them a few times and keep them in your mind. Once you go on the road, it can be very useful, think about it also inconceivable. Do it, this is not possible.

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