How To Start Plastic Recycling Plant

How To Start Plastic Recycling Plant

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A citizen of India has developed a plant whose 10 kilogram plastic waste is made of 9.5 liter petrol. India is just a few steps away from technology like America, Japan and China, and we are proud that we are playing dancers in our entire world of the Indian world. You can not even imagine the fact that the citizens of India have opened new doors for the prosperity of India and its people by making petrol from petrol and how much it will be beneficial for the environment. Both Shri Geeth and Parayamanam Panchayat of India have made Pyrolysis plant where plastic is made from plastic. These people have created a prototye pyrolysis plant in which plastic waste is burned by cleaning and making petrol and other petroleum products. It is also an important step in making the environment pollution free, because plastic is a substance that is never a mistake and also destroys its fertility when it comes to soil.

Mr Jeth has worked in solid waste management for many years and is also the director of the Kodungoller Science Center who invented this technique through the science test of the students. Mr. Geeth says that petroleum products are made by heating at a certain temperature. The polymerization of plastic in this prototype pyrolysis plant is done and this technology can be made from 10 kg of plastic to 9 liters 600 ml petroleum. This plant produces plastic water, gas and long-chain hydrocarbons (hydrocarbons), which are converted into liquid petroleum by condense by water. Small chain hydrocarbons are collected in the form of gas, which is the component of LPG or biogas. Petroleum companies, which they get from petroleum, give it to petroleum companies where they do their quality tests and many types of bio-products such as turpentine and Vaseline are made and those which are used in plastic burners are used to make paint. is. If the plastic waste is found in low cost then only labor costs and you can make your own plant in your home / village with permission from the Pollution Control Board to apply this plant and be sure if you If you do this business then you will make an important contribution to environmental protection, along with quite a good income. I have written several articles to motivate people to start their business and I believe that this article will prove to be the best.

Plastic to petrol

Pyrolysis is a thermochemical process in which organic matter is dovetailed at a certain temperature in the absence of oxygen. In this process, high-grade polymers change with low heat and pressure in hydrocarbons.
Some advantages of Pyrolysis are also that it does not contain any dangerous pollution and those remaining components can be used as a fuel to run the plant again.
By the Pyrolysis process, there are valuable fuels and solvents like gasoline, kerosene, diesel and high categories such as benzene, toluine and gelene.

This new technology is very famous and very demanded at this time. Its machines are quite expensive now if you have the ability to invest money for business, you can buy machines but now I am here to tell you to make plastic without any machine at home.

Step 1 : Procedure

Plastic to oil business plant in Hindi

Here you have to work with very flammable actions, so many precautions have to be taken.

  •  Stay away from flammable furnace.
  •  Save the furnaces and inflammable substances from fire and electricity as there are several types of gas that increase the risk.
     Work at the open space.
  •  Keep water or fire extinguish cylinder close.
  • Build a strong reactor chamber.
  •  Make compaction tube of copper, steel or aluminum.
  •  Use the digital temperature indicator to see the temperature of the rugged plastic.
  •  Now to create a system in which condense and product mixer can be gathered.

Step 2 : Create Reactor

Before you start, you have to decide how much plastic is to be taken at one time, one kg plastic can be made from 1 liters of Fuel. I am just telling you to make only 100 grams of plastic from here. Before using any reactor, it is very important to know that it is made of strong metal and can be easily opened and can not be leaked from anywhere. You can use a large pot of stainless steel and hold it to hold a clamp fit and fit it with aluminum leaf. Now make a hole in the middle of the vessel so that the vapor of the fuel can get out.

Step 3: Condense to Energy

At 400 degree centigrade, the reactor’s plastic vapor is converted into fuel. Now the condenser is passed to replace this vapor in the liquid. The condenser should be strong and leak-proof and should have copper pipes used in the A / C and refrigerators, but you can also use aluminum or steel pipes.
The length of the condenser is not so much that it can cool the vapor 400 degrees centigrade to bring it to the room temperature, so it is first washed in water and floating oil is separated from the water.

Step 4 : Black Gold / Petroleum

After all this step is complete, now it has to be converted into fuel.
* Do the plastic in small pieces for better and faster processing.
* Fill the plastic pieces in reactor chamber.
* Connect the required equipment with your stove and start the inlet water flow.
* Start the stove and turn back.

When heated, the fumes will emerge from the condenser and the drop-drop will be a risab, and gradually the vapor fuel will start getting out in this way. Now the chamber which was full before the end of the reaction, it will be empty. Now the garbage will have disappeared from the oil and then he will have to heat it long enough to make the oil lossless. If you have to remove the pure oil then you have to distillation. After the distillation process, many types of bio products come out from it, such as a mixture of benzene, toluene and diesel which depends on its boiling point, odor and calorific value.

Important things for plastic from fuel:

It is very good and beautiful technology to turn non-recycled plastic into useful fuel.
1 : Collect plastic and heat it in an oxygen-free environment, so that it melts into gas. This gas cool
By making and condense, useful products are made.

2:  With this to prepare many products such as synthetic crude and refined fuel, to heat houses and rooms, diesel component gasoline or kerosene or fuel for industrial factories can also be prepared.

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