How to Start Mobile Phone Cover Printing Business in India

Start Mobile Phone Cover Printing BusinessHello friends today we How to Start Mobile Phone Cover Printing Business in India …? In the market such a unique business has started that customers are attracted to them. Attracting to such a business, customers also have the curiosity that they give it to the asking value for it. As every person now has a mobile phone in hand and a need for a cover for mobile only falls. Nowadays such covers have gone, behind which you can make mobile beautiful by printing the photo you want. You can also print your own photo on it.

In addition to the mobile cover you can print Not only this, if you have a friend or a celebrant’s birthday or any other event, then you can give him a gift as a gift, which looks beautiful and keeps a memorable thing together. Perhaps you have not seen this type of business anywhere and if you have seen it, there will only be one or two shops in your city related to it. When a successful business man starts any business, he thinks that the place for this business in the Indian market is empty or not, or after doing business it will not suffer

So today we tell you that this is a business that you can earn a lot of money by starting, because there is a demand for this business in the market and the business is less screwed. So today we’ll tell you how you can earn a good balance by starting mobile cover printing business.

What is the need for mobile cover printing business

Friends, first of all, we tell you that you can do this business easily by sitting in your house and you can earn enough income by taking help of your family members. This business is a fairly moving business. To start this business first you need a printer and a computer because without it you also know that it will not be possible to work. If you have a leptap then that will also work for you.

The printer we talked about is not a normal printer, but a separate printer is required for this work, which is called a printing printer, and the paper used for printing in it is what we call the abstracting printing paper. These papers start with Rs 250, which you can easily get from any of the online markets. After this, you can easily get the booklet in the 10 to 15 thousand rupees. After this you need a self-loading machine which will be available to you from any online market unto 30 thousand rupees.

After this you need some rhetoric, in which the mobile cover and dye are mainly. Mobile cover and die You will have to buy those which are highly demanded in the mobile market, otherwise your cover will not buy. These RAW materials will be available to you from the market where you buy these goods. All these accessories in which the machine is ready, you need a total of 50 to 60 thousand rupees. At the same time, two to three or according to your work, you have to keep workers who have knowledge of its editing wagers.

Time to print the mobile back cover

In the submission machine used for making mobile cover, 3 to 4 covers can be inserted once for print. The design made by you in these 8 to 10 minutes on these white mobile covers is printed. In this way, you can prepare to use 3 to 4 covers completely in 15 to 20 minutes.

Mobile back cover printing process

  • The first part of this process requires a computer. It is very important to have 99 socialization software in this computer. A computer with a sublimation printer must also be attached.
  • After this, the theme from which you want to make a back cover is to print and remove it from your computer. With the help of this software, the printed image of the selected theme will emerge.
  • Paste this printed theme right now on the shift carbon (mobile cover) and paste it with the submission tape. This is a kind of special tape, which does not melt even at 200 degrees temperature.
  • Place the bar code associated with the product on the inside side of this white poly carbon mobile paper. Paste these bar codes and model descriptions with this same submissions tape.
  • After this, put it in the submissions machine. Set the temperature and time in the machine. Apply the shift carbon properly on the dye inside the sub-labeling machine. It is very important to make the sun so that the theme will sit well on each side of the cover.
  • After this, cover the machine and let the timing set. This timing is of 8 minutes. During this time, the machine temperature is around 200 degree centigrade.
  • After 8 minutes remove it from the machine. Remove the paper contained in it and you will see that the theme is covered on the white poly carbon mobile cover. This way your mobile cover is printed.

Machinery and Raw Material for Mobile Back Cover Printing

The machines used for this work require a raw material and machinery, a computer, a sublimation machine, a sublimation printer, submission papers, submissions tape, dyes for the model and 99 sublimation software etc.

  • Price of Sublimation Machine: Rs 30,000
  • Price of Submission Paper: 20 pcs in Rs. 230
  • Submission Tape: Rs 200 per piece

How much is the profit

If you talk about profits in this business, you will find yourself in an instant because this business has indiscriminate earnings. Just like printing your mobile cover costs up to 60 rupees, you can think of how much you will sell that mobile cover in the market.

You can sell this cover up to three hundred rupees in the market. Not only this, you can sell these mobile covers online for up to five hundred rupees and you get many customers to buy this cover. Now if you print hundred to two hundred mobile covers in a day, you can earn at least fifty thousand rupees per month. Further its profits are dependent on your hard work and your ability to attract your customer.

What are the things to keep in mind

The smallest and easier it seems, the more precautions it needs to be in this business. First of all, the printing printer, paper and machine are bought by the good company because many poor machines in the market are available at affordable rates which are not of any use. After this, if you do not have any knowledge of Editing Vagera, then keep the knowledgeable operators for it.

After that whenever you are editing it, keep in mind that the temperature is in the right quantity otherwise the mobile printing may worsen. You can buy mobile cover and dye from the company’s company which sells in the mobile market. To sell mobile cover, you must definitely support the online market because it can prove to be a platform for you that can increase your earnings. So friends today we know how you can earn a lot of money by starting a mobile cover printing business.

How to Start Mobile Phone Cover Printing Business video

So this was all concerning the  Mobile Phone Cover Printing Business. I hope you bought all the knowledge that you were looking for on-line. And additionally that you just enjoyed reading the article if you’ve got any reasonably queries or doubts you’ll comment below within the comment box. i will be able to answer you as before long as doable. And thanks for reading, keep tuned for more stuff like this.

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