How to Make Ecommerce Website Like Amazon, flipkart, alibaba Step-by-Step Guide (2019)

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China’s Alibaba, America’s Amazon and e-commerce companies like Flipkart, Jabong and Snapdev in India gave a new look to shopping. Most people are shopping online today. There is a huge potential for e-commerce in India. Foreign companies are ready to invest here, but it is the best time for Indians. Everything is available in the Indian market for those planning to start e-commerce industry. Just need to understand where the beginning from and how to do it. We are telling you the easy ways that you can stand up to Flipkart and Snapdeal company by starting your e-commerce company.

Let us tell you for references, there is no need to invest too much to start an e-commerce business. Flipkart started in 2007. Then from a flat Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal started the company. Even the initial investment was not much, only 60 thousand cash investment and investor and inventory were combined with 4 lakh rupees. Flipkart was started as a startup to sell online books, but after that, it made an impact in the Indian e-commerce market.

People who are planning to start online business can follow these 5 steps: 

01 : Make your website

As soon as you get the market and the product, the next step comes to website design for your business. When designing or carrying out websites, take special care of certain things 

  •  Keep background background simple. It is better to keep white background.
  •  Keep page navigation very easy, so that the user has no problem in using it.
  •  Use graphic, audio and video only when it is very important for your product or service.
  •  Keep the process of buying a product simple, so that the user can buy the product by at least clicking.
  •  Make your website customer friendly.

02 : Find out the need to identify and fulfill it

Many people think of giving product to them directly without knowing the needs of people before starting any online business. Here is the thing to keep in mind that before understanding the needs of the people and then give them the same product accordingly. One should research a market to increase the chances of your success. It can be talked to a group of people who are looking for a solution to a problem.

The Internet will help you

  1. Go to the online forum and see what kind of problems people are trying to find.
  2. Visit the websites that solve people’s problems and see if they are getting satisfied or not. Also see how many opportunities there are for you. If you can give people a better solution from other websites, then your search ends here.

03 : Create an Expert Reputation on Your Website

People use the internet to get information. Make available different types of types of information for people, who will work to bring traffic to your website and provide better search engine rankings. For this, make an article and video of the category of extrapolate and spread it over the internet.

This work can be done best from social networking site. Websites like Facebook are not only content, but also a great way to reach videos. It is also good to add a link to your content (SEND TO A FRIEND) so that people stay connected with you.

04 : Use the search engine to bring target users to your website

Pay Per Click  Advertising is the best way to get traffic to your website. In Pay Per Click advertising, you can test them using different types of keywords. Keywords that generate more traffic than you can take those keywords to all related pages of your website.

05 : Use the power of e-mail marketing

  • It is also very important to use e-mail marketing to increase your business. It has many benefits-
  • Your relation with visitors from e-mail marketing is quite good.
    With this help you can give your visitors solutions to their problems, as well as tell them about new offers.
  • There is also a good thing about e-mail marketing that the response can be major. Some people will give positive feedback about the product, will not react to anything negative and anything else.
  • The best thing about e-mail marketing is that it is much cheaper than TV, radio and print.
  • In the same way, keep moving your business forward and keep changing your product or service according to the demand of visitors.

Also pay attention to these

  • If you are providing content, then pay special attention to the language.
  • If you are dealing in a product, tell about the problems that can squeeze your product.
  • Increase your credibility to solve the visitor’s problem.
  • Write feedback to those who have used your product.
  • Tell the user about the product and its benefits.
  • Offer something with the product.

So this was all concerning the How to Make Ecommerce Website. I hope you bought all the knowledge that you were looking for on-line. And additionally that you just enjoyed reading the article if you’ve got any reasonably queries or doubts you’ll comment below within the comment box. i will be able to answer you as before long as doable. And thanks for reading, keep tuned for more stuff like this.

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