How To Get PUC Certificate For Car And Bike 2019

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How To Get PUC Certificate For Car And BikeWhat is a PUC Certificate?

The full form of PUC is under pollution control. This is a valid certificate, issued to the vehicle that passed the PUC test. If your vehicle receives this certificate, it means that your car or bike emissions are under control and in accordance with pollution standards. In short, your car / bike is not a threat to your city air.

The procedure for PUC certification is specified in accordance with the Central Motor Vehicles Rule.

All motor vehicles smoke which have the potential to pollute the environment when uncontrolled. Thus, there are some criteria to check the emissions levels of vehicles to determine if they are safe and whether they are involved in the city’s air pollution.

Vehicles Requiring PUC Certification

All vehicles traveling on Indian roads are required to hold a valid PUC certificate. Pollution Testing Centers issue PUC certification for all cities in your vehicle. For example: Bangalore, Karnataka alone has more than 256 pollution testing centers. These centers are easily seen near busy highways or near petrol pumps.

When Should You Obtain PUC Certification?

PUC will have to be obtained when purchasing a new vehicle. PUC certification is always provided with the new vehicle. The validity period of this certificate is one year. After that, you will need to obtain a new PUC Certification through the PUC Testing Center.

You must hold a valid PUC certificate in accordance with Rule 115 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989. This means that you must always have a PUC certificate in the vehicle and use it immediately when asked by an officer. Not below the rank of a Police Sub Inspector or Motor Vehicle Inspector. Article 115 (above) is very clear that “the certificate will always be carried in the vehicle and the product will be sought”.

Where Can You Get a PUC Certificate?

  • PUC testing is performed at most petrol pumps who have been authorized to carry out these tests.
    Many independent testing centers are also allowed to take these tests and issue relevant certifications. If you notice by the highway that a huge boarded van with ‘PUC’ letters, you now know that they are nothing but PUC test centers.
  • A licensed auto tow emission center with a computerized facility can issue pollution under the control certificate to check the level of contamination of the vehicle.

Should You Carry the PUC Certificate With You?

Just like driving a vehicle must have a valid driving license, your vehicle’s PUC certificate should always be kept with the vehicle. All of these documents may be demanded by the traffic police at any time and must be shown to avoid fines or penalties.
Always make sure your vehicle has a valid PUC certificate. You will need to take a new PUC test each time your certificate expires.

It’s legal, mandatory and will save you a fine!

If your vehicle is for renewal under emission certificate or pollution, go to the nearest authorized center immediately.

But, can a police officer ask to drive again?

Yes, even if the vehicle has a valid PUC certificate as provided in Section 115, the Traffic Police Officer will tell you that your vehicle will re-test if it complies with the prescribed standard. Quit smoking more.

This order must be in writing for PUC measurements to be reproduced and can be answered within 7 days.

Is PUC Approved Across India? Do I need to get a different PUC to travel to a different state in India? Yes PUC certification is valid all over India. Article 6: According to: (8) The certificate issued under sub-rule (), while still in force, will be valid throughout India.

Penalties for not obtaining a PUC certificate

Any vehicle, which does not carry a valid PUC Certificate, becomes liable for prosecution under Section 190 (2) as per the Motor Vehicles Act. Additionally, a penalty of $ 1000 for the first offence and $ 2000 for every consequent offence violation has been mentioned.

How To Get PUC Certificate : video

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