How to apply for two Credit Cards affects your credit score

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Your Credit Score

Your credit score is that lenders and other parties use to know if they have given you credit or not. Credit scores are used if you apply for a credit card or loan. It can also be used by potential homeowners or mortgage companies. There are five components to your credit score:

Payment history
Credit utilization
Length of credit history
New credit/Credit inquiries
 Credit mix

Credit Inquiries

The credit check portion of your credit score may be affected while applying for many credit cards. Credit inquiries are only 10% of your credit score, so the effect is minimal.

Whenever you apply for a credit card, your credit report hardens inquiries because potential lenders actually pull up your credit report. What difficult checks can affect your credit score.

If you are inquiring more, the potential lender will be concerned about your default risk and your application will be canceled for the credit card. Your inquiry on the number will depend on a number of factors, such as the amount opened by the last inauguration of your account, when your last question and the power of your credit history. While applying for many credit cards, many people will be impressed with strict inquiries and nothing else.

Credit Utilization

Credit consumption is 30% of your credit score and is affected by applying for many credit cards. Most experts say that if you use your credit usage below 30%, it’s enough to keep a good credit score. If you use your total debts on all your debts and your loan is 30% or less with all your credit, then it is also good for your credit scores. If you open two new credit card accounts, it will increase your credit line and improve your credit usage. This can be a small hit on your credit score due to two difficult inquiries.

What is the credit card’s ratio on your credit card to your credit card? If you have a $ 2,000 credit line and you will have to pay $ 500 on the card, you can use your credit:

  • Credit Utilization = $500/$2000 = .25 or 25%

If your credit usage ratio improves, if you open multiple credit card accounts, you can find that the lender is concerned with the ability to pay in many of your cards. According to FICO, ideal credit use for all loans is 7%, even if less than 30% is acceptable. You will see that people with the highest credit score are usually 7% or less with the credit usage ratio.

How to Avoid Errors while Applying for Multiple Credit Cards

  • If you are trying to get a signup bonus or other awards, do not open new accounts every 90 days. Otherwise, your credit score may have a negative impact.
    If you have many credit cards, pay your balance every month to keep your credit usage ratio as low as possible.
  • If you manage your credit well, it does not have to have more than one credit card account, because it lowers your credit usage.
  • Make some strategic plans before applying for some credit cards. Different cards have different purposes. If you already have a good trip card, for example, you can open an account with a credit card with a lower interest rate or zero percent promotional rate, which allows for balance transfer. Opening multiple accounts gives you an additional credit card status in an emergency.
  • Always be on top of your personal money in the context of credit cards. Applying for many credit cards can easily make your credit score worse unless you are smart about what you do. If you, you can recover money because you can be prepared for emergencies and even signup bonuses, return cash to rewards and fidelity.

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