How the Lane Bryant credit card Works

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Like several different retailers, women’s plus-size distributor Lane Bryant offers a retail reward mastercard to its customers. The bank behind the cardboard is Comenity, a money services company that gives mastercard services to many retailers across the country. whereas the cardboard offers variety of engaging perks, there square measure some restrictions and drawbacks customers ought to remember of before filling out the appliance.

How It Works

The Lane Bryant mastercard is store-only and not attached with Visa, Mastercard or the other card networks. the cardboard will solely be used at stores and websites within the Lane Bryant family as well as Lane Bryant, Lane Bryant Outlet,, New World oriole and New World

The card is obtained through a regular application. Approval and credit limit rely on a similar factors as the other credit product like credit score, financial gain and different debt.

Cardholders will opt to pay off the balance fully monthly or carry a balance with smaller payments over time. The minimum payment per month is $27. the cardboard comes with a 25-day grace amount, therefore those that pay off the cardboard fully monthly avoid interest payments altogether.

Rewards Purchases created with the cardboard at Lane Bryant stores or accrue 2 points per greenback spent.

The rewards program is separated into 3 tiers. The points square measure awarded at a similar rate, however these tiers receive reward vouchers of upper price and discounted shipping from the Lane Bryant websites. Anyone UN agency spends up to $399 with the Lane Bryant mastercard falls into the popular tier. when accumulating four hundred points, the cardholder receives a $10 reward voucher to be used against subsequent purchase. there’s a most limit of $40 rewarded per month.

The Premier tier is achieved once payment $400 to $799 during a twelvemonth. At this level, four hundred points offers $15 of vouchers with a limit of $60 per month. noble metal level is reached once payment over $800 during a year. noble metal rewards square measure $20 of vouchers per four hundred points, up to $80 per month.

Cardholders all told 3 tiers receive special offers, bonus purpose events and a birthday present. Another perk for all cardholders is associate extended come back amount of sixty days. on-line purchases associate with free shipping over $100 for most popular members. Premier members get free shipping over $75. noble metal members get free shipping on all on-line orders.

Who edges the Most?

Frequent shoppers at the Lane Bryant family of stores can profit the foremost from this card, particularly those that pay enough to achieve noble metal level.


Victoria’s Secret and Gap square measure main competitors that additionally provide retail reward credit cards.

Like the Lane Bryant card, the Victoria’s Secret Angel mastercard is store-only, and may solely be used at the Victoria’s Secret family of stores. Purchases earn one purpose per greenback spent, with $10 vouchers awarded for each 250 points accumulated. this can be accrued to $15 per 250 points once a cardholder has earned over one,000 points. New cardholders square measure rewarded with $15 off the primary purchase created on the mastercard. This card has associate annual rate of twenty four.99%.

The Gap’s mastercard comes in 2 versions: store-only or with accessorial Visa affiliation. this permits Gap cardholders with Visa to accrue bonus points anyplace Visa is accepted. New Gap cardholders receive a sign-up discount of 2 hundredth, followed by some extent system. Purchases created at the Gap family of stores (Gap, state, recent Navy and also the outlets) receive 5 points per greenback spent, whereas purchases created elsewhere receive one purpose per greenback (Visa-enabled cards only). for normal customers, $5 reward vouchers square measure given for each five hundred points accumulated. Frequent customers UN agency reach Silver standing additionally get an additional 2 hundredth bonus points per quarter. The rate on the Gap card is twenty five.24%, whereas the Gap Visa card comes with a better rate at twenty seven.24%.

The Fine Print

The annual share rate (APR) on the Lane Bryant card is twenty eight.74%, that is significantly more than comparable cards from banks and money establishments. Still, it falls at intervals the conventional vary for retail reward cards.

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