Do SIP invest in ELSS? Make a claim on the change of job

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The biggest question in front of you will be to give you proof of investment in which ELSS? Before knowing the answer, it is important to know that the ELSS has a lock-in period of three years and benefits the tax exemption under Section 80C on an investment of an annual maximum of 1.5 lakh rupees.

If you have worked in more than one institute in a financial year, where will ELSS Investment Proof?

In fact, you will have to submit all tax saving documents to the respective institutions in the relevant financial year in which those companies have jobs in that particular financial year. Suppose you changed the institute in the first month of the financial year, but in the last four months you were also doing SIP in ELSS, then you have to deposit these four months’ investment proof in the earlier institute. Also, you must give this information to the existing employer as well as the new employer. For this, it is necessary to use Form 12B.

In the Form 12B, information related to income from the previous institute (income tax) as well as details of tax deduction and tax exemption claimed on investment in the tax exemption. This is done so that the employee can not get the benefit of tax exemption repeatedly on the same investment.

Tax partner and Idea Mobility leader in EY India, Amarpal Chadha told that while the job switches, income from income earned from the previous job should be given to the new institution through Form 12B. Chadha said, “You should know that the investment in ELSS does not happen through the employer, hence there is no impact on switching jobs.”

What if you did not give the tax saving investment proof to the earlier institute?

Let’s say that you gave the Proposed Investment Declaration to your earlier institute at the beginning of the financial year, in which you said that you are going to SIP in ELSS. However, if you later forgot to prove it to them, then in this situation, your former employer will not get the benefit of tax rebates on your salary.

Deloitte India partner Saraswati Kasturirangan said that when the employee switches jobs, then the latter employer has the option of depositing income and tax deduction information from the previous employer. He says, “So you can claim tax deduction on the income from the previous employer near the new employer on your investment.”

Should the SIP or new ELSS Investments Proof New Employer be given to the rest?

If you are doing a SIP in ELSS even after changing jobs, then you have to give new employer information about the investments made from SIP during the new job. It must also be done when you gave information to the previous institute about the investment made during the job.

Kasturirangan says, “If you have made any other investment in the investment mentioned in Form 12B or you have not deposited proof of this, then you can claim tax deduction by submitting all the investment documents to the new employer before the end of the financial year. . ‘

Even if you have SIP in ELSS and neither the previous nor the current employer has proof of it till the end of the financial year, you also have the option of claiming tax deduction at the time of filing an Income Tax Return (ITR). If TDS is deducted from your salary, after the ITR process, ELSS will get the appropriate amount of tax deduction on the investment.

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