Best Short-Term Health Insurance for Freelancers

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Freelancing is a great way to adjust the work with a healthy lifestyle. US In 2018 there were 56.7 million freelancers, 28% of those freelance workers were full time. Although freelancer has many benefits, but the access to health plans sponsored by the employer has decreased. If you are an independent employee or self-employed person, there are many health insurance options to consider. A popular health insurance plan for many freelancers is a short-term health insurance

How Does Short Term Health Insurance Work?

Short-term health insurance is also known as “limited-term” insurance, which is a form of insurance for a limited period. This is a temporary and very basic medical insurance policy, which is a medical emergency and does not have any daily medical care or prevention. Short-term health insurance plans are not ACA-compliant. In the past, this coverage was used to differentiate coverage, if you were in the middle of the job for a short time or need a health insurance policy.

With the change in the law of 2019, more people turn to short-term health insurance plans on traditional policies. For 2019 it is estimated that in the short term, a limited-term insurance registration will increase to 600,000. The type of coverage provided by this plan can also be developed with this growing demand. Check what your options are before making a policy.

Why Freelancers Choose Short-Term Health Over Other Plans

Below are some reasons why freelancers prefer for other short-term health care options:

If you qualify for Medikid not earn much money, but can not spend a lot of money on health insurance, short-term health insurance is expensive health care options and the insured is better than the individual.
If you want health insurance, but do not miss the period of open enrollment and qualifying life event, if you do not allow to purchase an open enrollment period
As an alternative to ACA insurance options. Although freelancers can find on the market to qualify for health insurance through insurance, insurance ACA related market value is more expensive; Prior to 2019, non-ACA-compatible health plans were penalized. By 2019, any federal health insurance is fine while providing insurance on short-term health insurance.

Average Price of a Short-Term Health Plan

In short-term health insurance plans, the cost of ACA plans is from 1/3 to 1/5. The price difference depends on whether or not you are eligible for subsidy. The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) estimates that the coverage cost for short-term health insurance plans is 20% lower than the coverage offered by the ACA.

For example, in a KFF report, the average cost of health insurance on the ACA Marketplace plan was $ 264 to $ 469 depending on the state, a short-term health plan started less than $ 25. $ 141 a month

Age also plays a role in premium for short-term health plans. For example, eHealth reported that 18-24 year olds had paid an average of $ 63, while 45-54 year-old people paid an average of $ 170.

Short-Term Health Insurance Basics

Contrary to the ACA Marketplace health insurance plan, which should include 10 essential health benefits, there are no short-term health insurance plans and provide minimal coverage. Short-term health plans are not available in all states. When offered, many do not offer coverage for:

  1. Prescription drugs & Immunizations
  2. Preventative care
  3. Hospitalization
  4. Mental health and substance abuse
  5. Pregnancy or Prenatal and maternity care

Short-Term Health Insurance vs. Marketplace Coverage

In addition to reducing coverage, you need to consider other things before choosing a plan:

If you have pre-existing market coverage, short-term health insurance will not cover you.
If your current plan expires, you have to do a medical check-up. As a result, coverage for any medical problems you may have been shown to be denied.
These plans can cost you high deductions and out-of-pocket expenses
If you have a plan that lasts less than a year, you can increase the tax deductible every time you increase or change your plan. There are disadvantages on this annual Marketplace Plan.
Short-term plans are annual or lifetime policy caps and caps on coverage
It is one of the short-term health coverage benefits. This savings is only possible if you do not participate in unexpected medical conditions, or if you are generally healthy and do not use prescription regularly. Medical debt is a major problem and it is the cause of the bankruptcy, be sure to carefully select your health coverage.

How to Find the Best Short-Term Health Insurance Policy

Money saving is as an irregular, but make sure you understand that the payments you make will help you make the right choice. In addition to comparing the coverage presented, here are some suggestions that help you find the best short-term health policy

Get quotes from many short-term health plan providers so that you can compare different options. When possible, talk to the licensed insurance representative or assistant who can give you some insight into the options you have received.
Ask whether the application fee is or not
Find out how extensions work or if there is a penalty for canceling a word before it expires.
Will you have to wait before coming to the coverage?
Ask about the maximum, deduction, caps, coins and limitations of life and / or policy limits.
Ask about the terms for access to the service, do you have to use their network? Where can you get the service?
Check the insurance company’s financial stability rati

How Long Can You Be Insured on a Short-Term Health Insurance Policy?

By 2019, you can buy a short-term health insurance plan that lasts for up to 12 months. You can also give the option of expanding the plan for 36 months. Criteria is different from state, please check in locally to understand your plan details and conditions.

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