9 Tips to Prevent Fire in Your Home

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In the United States, fire department responds to fire every 24 seconds. Home insurance, condo and tenant insurance covers you for many dangers, one of the most basic cover is for the loss of fire. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there were 23 billion Due to damage caused by fire in 2017, the dollar was lost, in which the Insurance Information Institute reported that 10.7 billion forests are not related to fire claims. Old and new home owners have the similarity to prevent fire in your home, the good news is that some standard fires can be stopped by following some standard homework instructions.

Taking steps to stop the fire from starting your own home, you will be eligible for more home insurance discounts to save long-term money by keeping your family safe by reducing the overall cost of home insurance.

9 Tips for Preventing Fire in Your Home: Look for Risks

  • Never cook food while cooking. One of the main reasons for the fire in the house is cooking. Diet can also be smoked. If you are not in the kitchen, turn off the material and be careful while cooking with oil or oil.
  • Be sure to keep your dryer filter clean and keep annual or regular maintenance of the vent used with dry exhaust. Building obstruction or filter makes the fire.
  • Be sure to leave the lights that are lost in your home or not when you are not there or make sure that you do not use the wrong watted light bulb. If there is too much heat, some lamps or light fixtures can cause heat. People who smoke often are safe to stay indoors, but the material around the light bulb is flammable and can light up the bulb when it is very hot.
  • Chimney safety: If you have a fireplace, make sure and clean it often. When the chame is not cleaned, then it can start the hysteria. The chriss is extremely flammable and can become a fireplace. Chimney birds or other small creatures can also attract nesting victims with inflammable substances. By cleaning the fireplace and regular inspection, these two hazards will help in preventing the fire.
  • If you buy a new home or have been in your home briefly and you have not updated your wiring, make sure it has been checked by the electrician. When there is no electrical power, older homes are at risk of fire. Some home insurance companies are also required to update electrical wiring when old wiring is found during home inspection. Noble and tube wiring, aluminum wiring, old fuse boxes, or damaged wires and outlets can be moved to sudden and destructive home wires. Some insurance companies can cancel to update or improve your insurance if they suspect potential wiring risks. Always use a certified professional or electrician to work on electricity, it can attract DIY, but it is not worth the risk.
  • Be careful about your electrical and expansion cords. A fire can burn many things in the outlet using the damaged cords. We’re all at a place where we do not have enough plugs, or need some plug-ins to use the cord cord, make sure your extension cord does not overload your system. And it carries loads. Buy right cords based on usage, such as inside or outside the house.
  • Considering the use of battery operated candles to avoid the risk of fire, candles burn thousands of homes a year. While using candles with a real flame, make sure to keep them there. Any flammable material including curtains, table decorations, walls and shelves. Make sure the candles are not resistant to candle holders (or) on the flammable surface.
  • Beware of placement of space heater and heater which use coil to make hot. A comfortable home can be challenging when the weather gets very cold. The use of these types of heating is useless, and make sure they are not close to anything that can catch fire. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep your home safe.
  • Make sure your home is equipped with smoke alarm and check the battery regularly. 40% of people are casualties, with no smoking alarm

Top 3 Causes of Home Fires

These are the leading causes of home fires:

  • Cooking related 48%
  • 15% relative to heat
  • Electrical Distribution and Lighting 10%

When Do Home Fires Occur?

The largest fire occurs between November and March, which is the highest percentage of incidents that took place in January. Over time, the time of fire alarm shows that most fire alarms occur between noon and 10 o’clock, so statistics on the main causes of home fire are not surprising, and often people go home. By keeping our home with our 9 tips to prevent fire from using better fire prevention and above, many of these can be avoided.

Safety Tips – Preventing Fires in the Home : Video

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