7 Easy Rules for Using Your Debit Card in Europe

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If you are in the near future To travel to the US If you are planning a citizen, you need to know about the rules to use your debit card in Europe. You can be sure that you can continue using your money while traveling and prevent your account from being marked as a fraud.

01 :Check the network before traveling.

If you have a debit card with a Visa or MasterCard logo, you should have a very easy time using your debit card in Europe. Your debit card will also be a debit card network symbol, such as PLUS, Cirus or Maestro. When you are done using your debit card at an ATM – that’s the best way to travel Europe when you get your cash – to check that these are the symbols that are not compatible with your card.

02 : Tell your bank that you are traveling.

Before you go out, give your bank a quick call so they can know that you are moving out of the country. Give them your departure date and your return so that your bank can not remain on your debit card. Otherwise, your bank may automatically mark your international transactions as fraud, which may have to manage the problem. Keep in mind there are countries that can be difficult to contact your bank during business hours until the time difference between Eastern Europe and Western United States can be 10 hours.

03 : Confirm the International Transaction fee you pay.

When you have your bank on the phone, you will be charged in Europe for using your debit card and withdrawing cash from ATMs. Most banks charge fees to convert your transactions into another currency. Euro is the most used in Europe, but in some other countries it has its own currency, such as British pound or Swiss Franc. You can pay a flat fee or a percentage of transactions.

You need to factor in this foreign transaction fee in your budget so that you can not go out of money. You can help save fees by using a good debit card for international travel.

04 : Check your daily cash withdrawal limit.

If you are traveling to places where you do not accept debit cards or you want to avoid paying an exchange fee on every transaction, you want to take some cash with you. Check your current daily cash withdrawal limit for confirmation of the amount you can afford every day. If not, ask your bank to increase your exhaust limit during the trip. You can reduce the limit again after returning home.

05 : Make sure you have a four digit PIN.

Europe’s ATMA has not accepted any PIN or more than four digits, so make sure that your PIN is set correctly before you travel. When you can withdraw cash from an ATM using a credit card, it is better to use your debit card because credit card cash advance is more expensive.

06 : Make a payment for purchases in local currency.

Some traders ask whether you want to pay for your purchase in US dollars. This can be easy for you by doing math, it’s usually more expensive. Traders, of course, charge their own exchange rate which may be higher than your bank charges. You can download the exchange rate calculator application on your phone so that you can convert the currency quickly.

Get a backup credit or debit card without any other source of property you do not want to impose in Europe. Get another credit or debit card with you Make sure that you call the bank before traveling and check the charges and daily approval limits. Do not keep two cards with you at the same time. Leave where you live so that if your primary debit card is lost or stolen you will not be without payment If you feel uncomfortable leaving your second card or hotel on airbanks, take them to your person, but separate from your main credit card.

For example, you can put one card in your wallet and the other in your shoes.

07 : Be aware of debit card-generated security laws.

Using your debit card means that you do not make a credit card balance, it can be risky. If your debit card is lost or stolen, you have two business days to report to the bank. It limits your liability to just $ 50 for a fraudulent fee. After that, if you take 60 days or more to report your missing card, you may be responsible for $ 500 or your entire balance. The missing debit card risks your full money – the money that you have earned and deposits in your checking account.

Once you lose your credit card, with a credit card, you will be responsible for fraud charges for a maximum of $ 50. And this is your credit limit which is in danger, not on the remaining amount of your bank account. That does not mean that you can not use your debit card; If you lose your card, you only have extra security because your money is in danger.

Fortunately, banking system in Europe is not dramatically different from the United States. To use your debit card in Europe, by studying these simple rules your debit card will be useful and will keep your money safe in your bank account.

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