6 Best Military Member Credit Cards of 2019

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Current and retired military members have many advantages over credit cards, such as compensation, interest rate and late payment penalty penalties. ServiceMembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) limits interest to the army and their families on loans made before active duty. This limitation applies to all credit cards, not just on military credit cards, unless you report your active duty to creditors in writing. In addition to the benefits provided by SCRA, military members can benefit from a credit card issued by the military-affiliate credit union, such as the USA, Pedfed or Navy Federal Credit Union. This is the best credit card for the army and his family.

To apply for a military credit card, you must join the credit card representing a credit union. If you are an active or retired member of the army, you can usually join one of them. If you are a military or immediate family member in the army, you can join and receive a credit card.

01 : Best for Cash Back: USAA Cashback Rewards Plus American Express

The United States Automobile Association or the USA is a FDIC-insured financial institution that provides various financial services for the service members. USA cash back prizes American Express pays the first $ 3,000 you spend on gas and you are bought on a military base. You earn two percent cash on the first $ 3,000 spent on the supermarket purchase each year and return unlimited one percent cash to all items including gas and grocery purchases at the annual limit.

In addition to cash backwards, USAA cashback awards Plus American Express comes with some other influences such as rent car, forgiveness coverage, extended warranty and collision damage for the liability of zero scam.

02 : Best for Carrying a Balance: USAA Rate Advantage Platinum Visa

USAA Rate Low Interest Benefit Platinum Visa Rate makes it easy to keep a good long-term balance in place. If you are eligible, your interest rate will be 8.90%. Of course, you will need excellent credit to get the lowest interest rate. Otherwise, your interest rate can be 25.90 percent. When you make a bad credit card balance to pay higher finance costs, do higher interest rate balances.

03 : Best Balance Transfer: PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature Card

If you need to transfer balance, the Pedfat Platinum Award Visa Signature Card is an excellent option. On the transfer of the first 12 months on the transfer between May 1, 2018 and 30 September, 2018, it comes with zero percent initial APR. Balance transfers on the remaining migration charge of three percent.

When you spend $ 1,500 on purchases within 90 days before opening your account, a statement credit of $ 100 is given through the PenFed Platinum Visa Signature Card. In the future, you will earn five points per dollar on gas purchases; 3 points per groceries on groceries, including grocery purchases in the military commissions; And one dollar dollars per dollar on all your other purchases.

04 : Best Flat Rate Rewards Credit Card: Navy Federal Cash Rewards Visa

Navy Federal Cash Rewards Visa pays you a flat 1.5% cash on all purchases made by credit card. There is no reward level, so you should not worry about spending more in some categories to maximize your return. Simply Swipe and Earn Any Military Branch Members are eligible to join Navy Federal Cash Credit Union, not members of the Navy.

Cash advance on credit cards is generally not good because interest rates and fees make it more expensive. If you do not use Navy Federal ATMs in advance, the Navy Federal does not have cash rewards in advance to cash a visa fee. These costs reduce if you want to get a full cash advance.

05 : Best for Restaurants: Navy Federal Go Rewards

You will get three times for every dollar spent in the restaurant, two points on the purchase of gas and one digit for every dollar you spend on each item. You can Rome your things for travel, cash back, merchandise and gift cards. There is no limit on the number of points you can earn and you must have at least 1,000 digits to redeem. Ending points for four years you earned

The second feather that comes with Navy Federal Gogh reward credit cards: Cell phone insurance When you pay your monthly cell phone bill with your credit card, you can insure three phones.

06 :  Best for No Fees: PenFed Promise Visa Card

Penfed Promise Visa Card is a rare credit card, which does not have any fees, – no annual fees, and balance transfer, cash advances, foreign transactions, a charge on balance payments or a refund on late payment limits. There is no penalty apr and there is no minimum interest charge.

There is no ongoing award program on your regular purchase, but there is a signup bonus in the PenFed Promise Visa card. When you spend $ 1,500 in the first 90 days of having a credit card, earn a $ 100 statement statement.

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