5 Financial Ratio Of Categories

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Financial ratio in the form of an investor can be a great tool in your analysis toolbox. They can help you find business power, profitability, efficiency and quality from different types of angles, as well as monitor the changes in the company’s main operating metrics over time.

Those opportunities can help you to help yourself, aggressively, to protect yourself, to invest in bonds or to invest in real estate investment with a business in any way. Expected, as the landlord sells – Lizzback practices with the main drugstore or restaurant chain. It is important that you remember the most important in this financial ratio. This helps them classify into five main categories.

01 Leverage:

A financial ratio such as debt-to-equity ratio or ratio, which gives you the benefit of underlying business, which allow the company to look into the capital structure, as well as potential benefits and risk capital i leveraged financial ratios, competitors of similar sectors or industries. And how to compare. It helps to keep in context with the full understanding of the variables on company’s duplicate ROE analysis.

02 Liquidity:

liquidity ratio showing the company’s solvency against its assets against its assets; Things like dollars per dollar and current working capital sales. In other words, it gives information about the resources available to the firm to pay you their bills to keep the lights and pay employees. Do not underestimate the importance of liquidity due to its deficiency, it has become a very profitable business to become bankrupt.

03 Operating:

This category of financial ratios shows its management efficiency and management of the company using its capital, especially through cash conversion cycle in search of profit. In the retail industry, it will include metrics such as inventory turnover and accounts receivable turnover. Companies with steady good financial ratios are known as franchise pricing.

04 Profitability:

The profitability of a company has been designed to show how attractive the financial ratio is to some attractive metric. For example, when the economy is more than one major product one, it is going to be very difficult to get out of the business, because of the high gross profits, such as bleach, detergent washing, or chocolate. Razor-thin margins
Similarly, with small margins, a company with a higher return on capital is also a good opportunity to survive as it is very beneficial for the contribution of shareholders’ investment. There is a special emphasis on return on equity and assets.

05 Validity:

New investors should know the last largest series, financial ratio, that you have a fair idea, to the extent that historical financial statements can be predicted, the company’s liabilities are cut to be unable to cover the potential liability. From property
Even if it is undervalued and there is a lack of equity to absorb any challenge for depression or depression in the economy, even the most wonderful business may be at least risk. .

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