10 Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards of 2019

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You can balance in Balance Transfer Credit Card balance with a 0% higher interest rate initial rate can save hundreds of dollars. When it comes to setting up a transfer credit card, the initial period is pretty good. This gives you time to pay off your debts and to avoid paying them completely.

There are some things that can make 0% balance transfer credit card and better – no balance transfer fee, and 0% on rewards purchase. In our list, credit cards offer an extra benefit at the top of all great initial rates. If you have a credit card best balance transfer credit card, you can use the kit period and the promotion ends in time, both believe.

01 :  Best for No Balance Transfer Fee: Chase Slate

When you are transferring a large balance, the balance transfer fee may actually increase. With Chase Slate, you have not paid balance transfer fee on any balance transferred by you during the 60 days before opening the account. After that, the remaining amount is 5% of the transfer amount or minimum $ 5, whichever is higher. At $ 10,000 Balance, you’ll soon be saving $ 500 by moving your balance.

Enjoy accounting APR for 15 months by opening an account and remaining 0% on the remaining migration After that, a regular APR of 17.24 to 25.99% is applied. If you do not receive any payment, there is no annual fee and APR is not fine.

As Chase Cardholder, you can reach the free FICO score at the top of your credit score per month, as well as there are five key factors influencing your score.

02 :  Longest Introductory Period: Citi Simplicity

If you need more time to pay more balance, City Simplicity is the best card for you. Buying at equilibrium transfer in 21 months and 0% starts buying 12 months on purchase and balance transfer. After that, the regular APR based on your credentials is 16.24 to 26.24%. You will have to pay a balance transfer fee, which is more than 5% or 5% of each transfer amount.

The card actually keeps it easy without any lapsed fees, fines and any annual fees. To reach any date during the month, select the date of your payment date.

03 : Best for 5% Cash Rewards: Discover it

If you want to earn a return on your credit card after paying your balance transfer, it is a good choice to find. First, you can take advantage of 0% startup on purchasing and keep transfer balance for 14 months. Regular APR is 13.99 to 24.99%. If you have a good credit history, you will probably get lower interest rates. Balance transfer charge at Discover is 3%.

Purchase qualified for cash back return. As long as you then purchase categories to online registration or to convert every quarter through a mobile app, you can earn $ 1,500 to $ 500 cash. All other purchases get 1% cash back. As a bonus for new card holders, you will automatically be able to find out the cash earned before the end of your cash year.

Other Benefits: Access to prevent unauthorized use of your credit card (or because you do not withdraw your balance transfer for a long time, then switch to your account, freeze yourself to keep it afloat / use it) Also, in addition to your monthly billing statement Get your FICO score free at

04 : Best Flat Rate Cash Back: Citi Double Cash

The City Double Cache also has an exciting long-term migration period. Enjoy 0% OFF APR on outstanding transfers for 18 months. After that, the APR rate is 16.24% variable. Balance transfer fee is $ 5 or transfer amount, which is 3% higher. To qualify for a promotional rate, it is necessary to complete the balance transfer account within four months of opening. You can quickly transfer the balance as possible so you can take full advantage of the long campaign period.

They do not apply for purchase of promotional rates, so you can still buy on a credit card, you will not give any interest on it – even if you pay the full purchase balance. It is best to wait until you pay for remaining savings to make a purchase.

Once you start to use double cache in this city thereafter, when you make them 1% cash of your purchase and you pay back 1% when you return. From here the city comes “double” in the double cache.

05 : Best Tiered Rewards: BlueCash Everyday Card from American Express

Bluechips Everyday Card offers an initial APR of 0% on the remaining transfer and purchase for the first 15 months with American Express. After that, APR is 15.24 to 26.24%.

When you spend $ 1,000 on your credit card in three months before opening your account, earn $ 150 cash in statement credit. Unfortunately, the balance is not transferred to earn the remaining bonuses. If you want to earn a bonus, you have to buy.

Once you start using your credit card for a purchase, then you earn 3% cash of $ 6,000 per year in the American Supermarket; 2% cash and American department store on American gas stations, and 1% cash back everything.

06 : Best Airline Rewards Card: JetBlue Plus Card

JetBlue Plus Card is the best combination of a balance transfer and offers an airline credit card reward. Card on the remaining transfer for the first 12 billing cycle provides 0% initial APR (Note that 12 billing cycles will be slightly less than the full calendar year). To become eligible for special pricing, the balance should be transferred in the first 45 days. Based on your credentials, the regular APR is 17.99, 21.99 or 26.99%.

After spending $ 1,000 on purchases in the first 90 days, you have a chance to earn 40,000 bonus points. Be careful – if you have a balance of purchases and there is an outstanding balance on your credit card, there is no promotional rate and no interest charges will be charged.

If you use your credit card after paying your balance transfer, you can buy JetTwi, two points at retailers and grocery stores, and earn six points per purchase on every other copy. Buy a score of dollars. Enjoy Rome and your first checked bag for any meeting of the flights powered by JetBlue.

Note: $ 99 annual fees and no foreign transaction fees.

07 :  Best for Students: Bank of America Travel Rewards for Students

Bank of America Travel Awards offers an initial interest rate of 0% on purchasing for the first 12 billing cycle for student credit cards. After that, the regular APR is 16.99 to 24.99%.

After spending $ 1,000 in the first 90 days, students got the chance to earn 25,000 bonus points. Be careful that you can not balance a purchase by purchasing a credit card and by adding balance transfer. If you decide to take advantage of this, 25,000 bonuses can be redeemed for purchasing a $ 250 statement credit toward your travel purchase on your credit card.

Earning 1.5 points per purchase. If you have an active Bank of America checking or savings account, you can earn 10% bonus on your prize. Bank of America makes it easy to maintain your credit score by making your Fiscal Score available free of charge with its monthly statement.

There are no annual fees and no foreign transaction fees.

08 : Best First-Year Bonus: Wells Fargo Propel American Express

After opening an American Express card account, Wells Fargo Propellal already gives a balance transfer of 0% on April 12 for (and purchased). As a new cardholder, you can earn 30,000 bonus points when you spend on buying $ 3 within the first three months of opening your account. Signup bonus is $ 300 cash redemption value.

After the initial period, you can earn three points for each dollar spent on food, transportation, travel and popular streaming services; All your other purchases will earn one point per dollar. There are no limits on your earned points and as long as you do not finish your points as long as you open your account in good condition.

Important Prices: There are no annual fees and no foreign currency is free. Based on your credit rating, regular APR is 14.74 to 27.24%.

09 :  Best for Gas & Groceries: Bank of America Cash Rewards Visa

Enjoy an initial APR of 0% on outstanding transfer for your first 12 billing cycle with Bank of America Cash Rewards Visas. It is important to note: You have to transfer your balance within 60 days of opening your account to qualify for a specific balance transfer rate.

This card pays 2% for 3% cash and grocery stores and $ 2,500 in combined purchases in gas quarters for purchasing gas. All your other purchases will earn full cash. You can also get a cash prize bonus of $ 200 after purchasing at least $ 500 within 90 days of opening your account. Bank of America Checking or Savings Customers can earn extra bonuses on their earning awards by their cash awards.

Important pricing: Regular APR is 15.24 to 25.24% and there is no annual fee.

10 : Best for Repeated Transfers: Citi Diamond Preferred

For most credit cards, you need to transfer your balance within a few months of opening your account, where balance transfers are many difficult. City Diamond Prefend expands 21 months to 0% APR for the first four months of its account. This means that when you open your account for the first time, you can transfer it to a small balance, then make a payment. You have 0% APR in the first 12 months of purchase.

City Diamond has not been honored, but offers some other features like your remaining date, the card with Apple Pay, and the ability to automatically receive alerts about important account activity.

Significant value: No annual fee after initial period, April fixed is 14.99 to 24.99%.

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